i) Candidates should bring dark blue or black ball pen to the examination hall for writing/marking responses on Answer Sheet. Use of pencil is not allowed.
ii) The candidate should report at the examination centre one hour before the commencement of examination (i.e. at 1.00 P.M).
iii) No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall without a valid Admit Card issued by the office.
iv) No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination centre after the commencement of examination (i.e. after 2.00 P.M.).
v) No candidate shall be allowed to carry any textual material/printed or written, pieces of papers or any other materials except the Admit Card inside the examination hall. If a candidate is found to be copying/conversing with other candidate/to have in his/her possession papers, notes or books he/she shall be disqualified from taking that examination and the next one or two such examinations according to the nature of offence.
AIPVT EXAMINATION HALLvi) Candidates should not bring mobile phone, calculator, camera, electronic digital watches with facilities of calculators, other electronic gadgets etc. to the examination hall. These are strictly prohibited in the hall.
vii) Candidates must not obtain or give or attempt to obtain or to give irregular assistance of any kind during the examination, this will entail expulsion and cancellation of candidature for the examination.
viii) Candidates are required to write his / her Roll No., full name in running handwriting & Question Booklet No. on the spaces provided on the Answer Sheet & Answer Sheet (OMR) No. on the Question Booklet.
ix) DO NOT make any stray mark on the Answer Sheet & Question Booklet, or damage the
Answer Sheet. This may lead to rejection of Answer Sheet. Overwriting/ cutting/ erasing
and application of fluid on Answer Sheet may also lead to rejection.
x) Candidates are required to sign Answer Sheet and the Attendance Sheet at the Examination Centre provided by the Invigilator who shall verify the identity of the candidates.
xi) In case of any doubt, the Centre Superintendent or Supervisors may also verify the identity & in such case the candidate is required to cooperate.
xii) Impersonation should be strictly avoided. Such cases shall be dealt with strictly & the law of land shall be applicable in such cases.
xiii) No candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of examination.
xiv) Candidates shall be allowed to leave examination hall only after handing over Question Booklet and Answer Sheet to the Invigilator.
xv) The examination will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an
announcement to this effect will be made by the Invigilator.
xvi) The candidates are also required to put their thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.


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